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Hi, my name is Daniel.  I am the Bodytoucher of Mannheim, Germany. I offer massages in a special way: sensual, erotic, and intimate touching.

I am sure you will love my massage. I offer three kinds of massages: The first one is a massage for the whole body,  based on holistic massage techniques. This makes you feel relaxed without the heavy pain which medical massages can cause. There are some techniques of the massage that resemble a medical massage, but it is pure wellness. You will feel relaxed when the massage is finished.

The second type of massage is a sensual and erotic massage. This means complete pleasure for you. I work with your body in a very sensitive way. The basis is a holistic massage, and I have added some hot erotic spots.  A prostate massage and an intimate massage are included. You will go on a very special journey. I also apply tantric massage techniques, that means you will have orgastic feelings without an ejaculation. If you come anyway, do not worry, it is natural. You will understand that having sex is not part of such a massage. Yet, I will take you on a special journey of arousal and relaxation.

A hot stone massage may be added to any of the three massages above. The aim of such a massage is to activate the energy centers of your body. I place small hot stones (heated in a bath of hot water) on your back, while using bigger ones to massage your body.

Ear candles may also be added to any of the three massages. This is an amazing experience. I carefully put a candle in your ear. The candle is hollow inside and works with underpressure. It is harmless, you will relax, and it will take about 15 minutes for each ear. The candle cleans your ear, the process will normally continue for 2 days or so. Afterwards, you may hear better. Good for you and the persons around you. *smile

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I look forward to meeting you.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me. You can phone me at my Cell *49 178 860-2436 (from 10 a.m. through 8 p.m.).
If I do not answer the phone, I am probably working with a client.  Please try again later, or I will call you back if your phone number shows up on my Cell or send me an email at

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